IFX Methods are readily adapted to HTTP GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and PATCH.  We go further and recommend OData adaptations for record control.


Map IFX Methods to REST verbs

IFX Objects as Resources


We illustrate how IFX Objects are easily represented as JSON Resources.

Working Code


This is not theory!  We demonstrate all of these principles with working code generated directly from the standard.

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21-page white paper

Take the time to read how IFX is adapting to the evolution of the financial services marketplace's shift towards Open Banking, JSON data representations and RESTful APIs.  

The IFX Standard and the IFX Message Framework are readily adaptable to REST design concepts.  This review shows how.

Adapting the IFX Standard to REST Principles

Demonstration Design Review

RESTful Implementation of IFX

This review shows:

  • How IFX Methods map to RESTful verbs,
  • How IFX Objects are represented in JSON,
  • How we created a full RESTful OpenAPI representation of the IFX standard,
  • Examples of Client-side Javascript functions to extract data from IFX JSON objects.

In this report we explain why the IFX framework is so readily adaptable to RESTful design principles and provide a high-level view of our future plans to further adapt to the changing business and technical environments.

Download the white paper now.

Key Findings

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